Day off

I took today off to scrapbook all day.  I had a blast.  I plan to hit the Y tomorrow and get in a good cardio workout.  I am still not being as strict on my food as I should be.  I don’t know why.  I am really trying, and I have to get it done.  I had some crackers today that I know I should not have eaten.  Tomorrow is a better day.  

New day, new week, continued new beginning…….

My day and week have started off great.  Y at 7am, good breakfast, errands run, and met Leslie Neese at Anytime Fitness as she so graciously transferred her family membership to my family.  My childrens is excited to go there as I go to the Y.  I am still on such a personal high to go thru this and see where I am 12 weeks from now.  I continue my prayers for us all.  Have a blessed day.  Sharon

Another good day!

Made it through another day and it has been good.  I am staying on track with food, food journal, journaling, and feeling good about it all.  Made to the Y this afternoon and met with the Wellness coach, Lisa, at the Eastside Y.  Meet with Colleen next week for my workout prescription.  We talked about my goals.  What I want to accomplish and what will help me get there.  I know I can do this because Christ is giving me the strength one meal at a time, one day at a time, one work out at a time.  God is good.

Another day…..YAY!!!

Started the off up early with a good breakfast.  I am still really pumped about this journey.  I am schedule to meet with the trainer, Lisa at the Eastside Y today at 3:30.  I will work out afte seeing her.  Looking forward to see what she has to share with me to help me make it one day at a time and each and every day.  Good luck to you all today.  We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. 

January 16 – first full day on Rob’s Biggest Loser’s 2013

I had a great day today.  A very busy day and did not make it to the Y, but I did great on my meals, journeying and now touching base on the blog.  I hated I did not make it to the Y.  I was going to do Zumba tonight but with a day full of meetings and appointments with brides and other wedding professionals time just did not give to my favor.  I know that is satan trying his best to keep me from letting Christ give me strength.  My plan is to be there at 7 am in the morning.  How did everyone else do today?